New students in the schools: Rats!

The other day the class was disturbed when this pesky rodent entered the classroom and caused a havoc. All the students started running across the classroom and corridor until the rat was caught by the exterminator.

Such a nuisance in a place of discipline is unwanted.

Rodents are smart, versatile, and opportunistic. They find food, water, warmth, shelter, and safety, which are easily available in schools. Food is an especially strong motivator for rodents, as the refuse from snack time, smuggled candy, and cafeteria lunches create significant amounts of edible waste.

Schools are an excellent source of warmth and water for rodents. Even innocuous equipment like art supplies with fabric and construction paper provide ideal nesting material while leaking pipes and drain water supply all the hydration rodents need. Because of the huge areas of most schools, both mice and rats find several places there to safely hide and even breed.

It’s also very easy to for rodents to infiltrate a school because mice are small enough that even a hole the size of an eraser can be used as an entry point. If a school isn’t properly sealed against weather, any cracks, vents or other openings make perfect doorways for these enterprising mammals.

After entering the schools, these rodents chew on different material available in the school, like cardboard boxes, books, art projects, plastic bags and their contents, and electrical wires. They use these materials as food or for nesting. Mice and rats make a mess by leaving their droppings in the areas where they feed. They usually leave smelly trails of their urine and droppings.

The same rats have potential to spread deadly diseases. So, their presence around the little kids is dangerous.

Even after using pest control measures the pests somehow enter the areas of school threatening the school atmosphere. The evidence for the same is the recent incident from the London school.

London school infested with bed bugs twice this year

Officials won’t identify the school because of the social stigma but say the problem has been cleared

Kate Dubinski · CBC News · Posted: Feb 14, 2018

A bed bug infestation at a London school highlights how difficult the pests are to get rid of, and how social inequality is brought into the classroom.

The bugs were found on two occasions at the same school, days apart, in late January, CBC News has learned.

Bed bugs are considered a nuisance by the school board and health unit — gross and annoying, but not a health hazard, much like head lice, officials say.

But head lice are a much more common occurrence and require only that a note be sent home telling parents to check their kids hair.

Students seeing increase in rat sightings at elementary school

By: Carl Willis

Updated: Mar 13, 2018 – 5:51 AM
CONYERS, Ga. – A Rockdale County school is dealing with a rat problem.

Viewers sent in a tip to Channel 2 Action News that there were complaints coming from Sims Elementary School.

Parents told Channel 2’s Carl Willis they are concerned an infestation could be putting their children at risk.

“I don’t think it’s something that they’d hide,” one parent told Willis, not identifying themselves. “It’s a sanitary issue.”

Rockdale County Public Schools confirmed Monday that they’re working to address the issue.

They say previously they saw an increase in signs and sightings of rodents at Sims Elementary, especially where food was being stored improperly.

“I think that’s scary. It’s unsanitary too. It’s very concerning,” mother Sarah Yang told Willis.

“They need to get it cleaned because our kids eat lunch here,” father Cheve Goggins said.

A school district representative said the district is taking steps and seeing some progress to get rid of the rats.

Often using the services of pest control companies is opted by the schools as they find it easier than dealing with the pest themselves. But these service providers are themselves not sure of the efficiency of their products.

The hour calls for the need for a solution which is effective and eco-friendly.

We at C Tech Corporation are in a unique position to provide solutions to the problems caused by these creatures.

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The product triggers a fear response in rodents thus protecting the application. It causes severe temporary distress to the mucous membrane of the rodents due to which the pest stays away from the application. The product triggers an unpleasant reaction in case if the pest tries to gnaw away the application. After encountering the above-mentioned emotions, the animal instinctively perceives it with something it should stay away from and stores this information for future reference. The fact that certain rodents are repelled is mimicked by other rodents as well. Thus, the other rodents too stay away from the applications. The unpleasant experience is imprinted within the animal’s memory and passed on to its progeny.

The product is compliant with RoHS, RoHS, and REACH and is FIFRA exempted. Our eco-friendly products do not kill the target species but only repel them.

The products are available in the form of a masterbatch which can be incorporated in pipes, films, cables etc. while manufacturing. This would result in the final cable or wire being rodent repellent. This would be an efficient way of deterring the rodents from chewing the cables and wires and thus negate the possibility of a short circuit.

While the RodrepelTM liquid concentrate, when diluted in paints, can be used to paint the interior and exterior of the restaurants. It can be applied in the kitchen and food storage areas in restaurants.

RodrepelTM lacquer can be coated topically over the applications which need protection. It can be applied on a variety of surfaces like wood, concrete, metal, polymer, ceramic etc.

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