Restaurants are the best source for the rodents to have a great meal for themselves. No restaurant, not even the best in the world, can escape from reports of a mouse infestation and once the mouse is out of the bag, the damage seems to be as news spreads through the press and through word of mouth. These days, eatery owners need to be more vigilant than ever. Every restaurant has the potential to attract mice. The mice enter the kitchen and searching for food in the garbage and a place where they can find food. Once this mouse enters they create a great mess. Rodents are not the only nuisance but can cause property damage and transmit diseases.

Rodents are associated with a number of health risks; these diseases can be spread to humans directly or indirectly through contact with rodents feces, urine, saliva, rodent bites or fleas. Mice and rats also are a potential source of allergens. Their droppings, dander and shed hair can cause people to sneeze and experience other allergic reactions. Mice will chew on the insulation around wires, this has been known to cause a real threat of fire. Mice will even build their nests in large electrical appliances, again chewing on or through insulation and wiring, which can cause the appliance to short circuit, or lead to the risk of fire.

In the past century more than 10 million died from rodent-borne diseases, the major diseases caused by mice are:

Hantavirus: This virus can be transmitted when rodent waste is stirred up

Salmonella: Small rodents known to frequently carry the salmonella bacteria in their digestive tract, it spread through contact with rodent waste

Rat-bite fever: Rat-bite fever can occur in people who have been bitten or infected by the rat or another animal that has been contaminated by a rodent carrying disease

Removing rodents from the trap or poison like pest control will not keep them out of our house or restaurants as there should be a permanent solution to it.

Evidence for the mice in restaurants,

Local country club restaurant shut down after the inspector finds evidence of rodents

A state health inspector temporarily closed the restaurant at an (Orange Country) country club after finding evidence of rodents.

The Rio Pinar Country Club restaurant, called Champions Grill on its website, was closed Dec. 6 after the inspector found dozens of rodent droppings in the kitchen and in storage areas.

The club is located at 8600 El Prado Drive in eastern Orange County.

“More than 20 dark fresh moist rodent droppings on shelves in the storage room in the kitchen area,” one of the violations read, according to the report from the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

The report noted rodent droppings under a dish machine, behind a cooler and in various other areas on the floor and in a plastic bucket.

There were also scratch marks along walls.

The evidence of rodents was among 31 violations the restaurant at the Rio Pinar Country Club totaled during the inspection, including five high-priority violations.

The restaurant was closed for two days until being allowed to reopen Dec. 8 after a follow-up inspection.

We at C Tech Corporation are in a unique position to provide solutions to the problems caused by these creatures.

At C Tech Corporation we make use of Mother Nature’s gift of senses to these rodents in developing non- toxic & non-hazardous formulation!

 Rodrepel™ is a low-toxic, non-hazardous rodent aversive.

 Rodrepel™ is a perfect blend of smart technology and green chemistry.

The product triggers a fear response in rodents thus protecting the application. It causes severe temporary distress to the mucous membrane of the rodents due to which the pest stays away from the application. The product triggers an unpleasant reaction in case if the pest tries to gnaw away the application. After encountering the above-mentioned emotions, the animal instinctively perceives it with something it should stay away from and stores this information for future reference. The fact that certain rodents are repelled is mimicked by other rodents as well. Thus, the other rodents too stay away from the applications. The unpleasant experience is imprinted within the animal’s memory and passed on to its progeny.

The product is compliant with RoHS, RoHS, ISO, APVMA, NEA, and REACH and is FIFRA exempted. Our eco-friendly products do not kill the target species but only repel them.

The products are available in the form of a masterbatch which can be incorporated in pipes, films, cables etc. while manufacturing. This would result in the final cable or wire being rodent repellent. This would be an efficient way of deterring the rodents from chewing the cables and wires and thus negate the possibility of a short circuit.

While the  Rodrepel™ liquid concentrate, when diluted in paints, can be used to paint the interior and exterior of the restaurants. It can be applied in the kitchen and food storage areas in restaurants.

 Rodrepel™ lacquer can be coated topically over the applications which need protection. It can be applied to a variety of surfaces like wood, concrete, metal, polymer, ceramic etc.

Our newly developed product in the form of the spray can be applied to racks, pallets, wooden furniture, equipment etc.

Our products provide a safe and environmentally friendly solution to avoid rodent infestation.

By using our products, you can get an effective and long-lasting solution against pest nuisance.

You could thus contribute to us in using products which are eco-friendly thus causing no damage to the environment.

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