Military application endangered by rodents

In most recent aspects, ‘the rodent problem’, as it has come to be known, is a perfect nightmare. Wherever humans go, they follow, forming shadow cities under our metropolises and hollows beneath our farmlands. They thrive in our filth, making homes of our sewers, abandoned lanes, and neglected parks. They poison food, bite babies, undermine buildings, spread disease, decimate crop yields, and very occasionally even bring the nation’s defence activities to a still.

Yes, you read it right.

They have also followed soldiers to the battlefield and caused irreversible damage there!

Rodents have two pairs of continuously growing front incisors which are kept short by gnawing. This essential habit of the rat causes major damage to any facility and equipment which are available around its living environment. They  chew  objects  such  as  pipes,  wires  of  electric  facilities,  gas  hose,  etc.  causing extensive destruction of military bases.

Wires and cables find extensive applications in the military. Any damage to any one of these types of equipment would result in a huge loss of revenue and pose a threat to a country’s security!

Recent news reported is as below:

Pentagon on Emergency Shutdown as Critical Comm Cable Severed

By Staff | Published April 1, 2019

Arlington, Virginia–A main fiber optic communications cable was severed at the Pentagon, forcing the Department of Defense to shut down all critical functions and seal off its headquarters for emergency repairs. All 40,000 Pentagon personnel are being told to expect to stay home for as much as two weeks beginning April 1 until the damage can be fully assessed and service restored.

A groundhog is being blamed for incapacitating the command center and symbol of the world’s largest military.

Tech Sergeant Phil Robbins was on night watch when he heard chewing noises in the wall near a central passage. “I thought it was just a hungry security guard eating a pizza,” he said.

Then everything went dark.

“I heard him in there, but there was nothing we could do. The walls are thick, the walls are a special concrete. We just couldn’t get through to the groundhog in time to stop the damage,” TSGT Robbins said.

Eventually, intelligence specialists lured out the saboteur with corn and clover.

Pentagon spokesperson Patricia Marmet said the closure was necessary to repair the critical cable and clean up all the take-out containers and Snickers wrappers the groundhog left behind.

This is not the first time a rodent has caused damage to the military application. There are many such evideces, one of them is as below:

How One Nuclear Missile Base Is Battling Ground Squirrels

By Joseph Stromberg │August 30, 2013

In Montana, squirrels have been tunneling under a base’s fences and setting off intruder alarms, prompting researchers to strengthen its defenses

Malmstrom Air Force Base, in Western Montana, is home to 150 Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missiles, each tipped with a nuclear warhead. Each of these missiles is housed in an underground silo, staffed by two military personnel around the clock, and can be fired on a moment’s notice.

But in recent years, the base has been dealing with an enemy so relentless that they’ve been forced to call in outside help to defend against it. That fearsome enemy is a species of rodent known as Richardson’s ground squirrel.

The squirrels, each about a foot long and 1-2 pounds, dig extensive underground tunnel networks (they’ve been known to excavate tunnel systems more than 30 feet in length). At Malmstrom, they’ve developed an annoying habit of tunneling underneath the fences that protect each nuclear missile’s silo.

Such a loss at the military base is intolerable. What if something like this happens at a crucial time?

Pesticides are extremely harmful to both the target species as well as the non-target species. Armored cables have proved to be ineffective against these rodents since they have a bite force of about 24000 psi by which they can easily gnaw on these cables.

An effective solution is the need of the hour and C Tech Corporation can provide you with that effective solution.

Rodrepel™ is a product manufactured by C Tech Corporation which is an extremely low toxic and extremely low hazard, and environmentally safe anti-rodent additive specially developed for a range of polymeric and coating applications including pipes, wires, and cables, etc. It is also effective in case the target species are other animals.

The wires and cables used by the military for radar, communication, control, signaling, data transmission, lighting, surveillance, etc. can be incorporated with Rodrepel™ masterbatch to prevent them from pest attack and ultimately avoid any signaling loss, communication disruption or fire hazard. The masterbatch can also be incorporated while manufacturing the landmines thus making them rodent repellent.

Rodrepel™ is also available in lacquer and liquid concentrate form and can be easily coated onto an application to repel the rodents.

The liquid concentrate can be blended with paints and applied to the interior and exterior of the building structures to prevent the entry of pest in them. The liquid concentrate can be applied to the interior and exterior of the airports and the offices. The liquid concentrate can be used in accommodation areas of pilots and crew members. The liquid concentrate is compatible with all types of paints and it dries off easily.

The lacquer can be applied on already installed wires and cables, pipes, polymeric and metallic equipment, etc. The already installed arrestor cables can be coated using our Rodrepel™ lacquer which will prevent the rodents from chewing them. The lacquer is an easy application which is compatible with most of the surfaces like wood, concrete, polymer, ceramics, concrete, etc.

We have developed our product in the form of a spray, the RodrepelTM rodent repellent spray which is an easy to use product. The product can be sprayed on components from the base camps and military areas, offices, kitchen and canteen areas, storage areas, etc. after clearing the dust and waste from components. It can be sprayed on infested areas and entry points. The product when applied properly repels the pests and protects the components from damage. The expensive components can thus be protected, and unnecessary maintenance cost spent on replacement of the parts damaged by pests can be saved. The product does not cause any harmful effect on human health, non-target species or even target species. The product is safe for the environment.

Defence is one of the major sectors defining the growth and development of a nation. It is needless to describe how important these areas are to a nation’s security and prosperity.

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