Is your home rat free?!

There is no big issue for homeowners as big as the presence of a rat in their home!

They complain that they cannot sleep for nights with these pests present in their homes.

They have tried rat traps, glue board, rat poison and many more, but none of them worked for long. The rat trap failed after days. The rat poison and glue boards were dangerous when kids and pets were around.

This is a depressing situation!

The homeowners have been fighting with such rodents for decades or centuries or ages now!

Unfortunately, these common pests are resourceful creatures that can enter a building or home through the smallest opening or crack and require very little space to travel inside.

The most common nuisance rats are the northern Norway rat, or brown rat, and the roof rat, also known as the black rat. Rats are commonly associated with urban areas and people. They will go wherever they can find food and shelter.

Rats are one of the most feared animals in the industrialized world because they can destroy one’s house and can have fleas and ticks that carry harmful diseases like the plague. Rat bites and scratches can result in disease and rat-bite fever. Rat urine is responsible for the spread of leptospirosis, which can result in liver and kidney damage. It can also be contracted through handling or inhalation of scat. Complications include renal and liver failure, as well as cardiovascular problems. Lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV), a viral infectious disease, is transmitted through the saliva and urine of rats. Some individuals experience long-term effects of lymphocytic choriomeningitis, while others experience only temporary discomfort. One of the most historically dangerous rat-borne diseases is the bubonic plague, also called “Black Plague,” and its variants. The transfer occurs when fleas from the rat’s bite human beings.

Diseases aside, rats will do a number on your home. They will eat their way into your pantry and contaminate your food by leaving droppings in things like sugar, flour and in cereal boxes which, as you can imagine, is not sanitary. Rats will gnaw their way into anyplace in your house that they want to go which can damage your drywall, your wall studs, electrical wiring and even plumbing. Rats have been the catalyst in many house fires by chewing on wires and bringing nesting materials like twigs, twine, and leaves which are extremely flammable and will light up the entire house with even the smallest of sparks. 

Now those are just not rats to cause trouble, but those are “super rats” who can survive the deadliest poison.

You don’t believe, just peep down!

Mutant ‘super rats’ could invade our homes, and it’s all our fault

Gene mutation could see a rise of the ‘super rat’

By Rachael Burford

Jon Bayley content editor – The Herald News, 16 FEB 2018

Homeowners who use shop-bought rat poisons to get rid of rodents could be behind the rise of the ‘super rat’, claims a new study.

‘Super rats’ have a genetic mutation making them immune to standard poisons and there are fears their numbers could soon rise across the UK.

The discovery of the mutant gene has left some scientists concerned that a massive population spike in the vermin population could take place.

A University of Reading report identified the huge extent of the mutation, dubbed L120Q, in rats “across the whole of central southern England”.

And here’s more!

Londonderry residents ‘plagued’ by rat infestation

7 February 2018

Residents in parts of Londonderry have said their lives have been “turned upside down” due to a growing problem with rats running through their homes.

Sinn Féin described it as an infestation which will only be tackled by a multi-agency approach.

Members of various organisations met on Wednesday to discuss the issue.

One of them, who spoke to BBC News NI, said it has been a frightening ordeal for her young family.

The woman, who did not want to be identified, said she has been forced to leave her home in the Bogside area for the sake of her terrified children.

“It’s awful. As a family, we’ve had 10 carcasses of rats taken out of the house,” she said.

“The smell throughout the house and the noise of the rats running through the house at night is unbelievable.

Don’t you all think that was enough of rat nuisance?!

Also, that an effective solution is needed to keep these critters away from our lives!

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Our product in the form of liquid concentrate can be incorporated with paints in a specific ratio and be applied on walls, cars, instruments, equipment etc.

Our product in lacquer form can be coated with tree guards, fences, various surfaces like metals, concrete, polymer, ceramic etc. which would ensure complete protection against these creatures.

The product work on the mechanism of repellency. The product triggers a fear response in rodents thus protecting the application. It causes severe temporary distress to the mucous membrane of the rodents due to which the pest stays away from the application. The product triggers an unpleasant reaction in case if the pest tries to gnaw away the application. After encountering the above-mentioned emotions, the animal instinctively perceives it with something it should stay away from and stores this information for future reference. The fact that certain rodents are repelled is mimicked by other rodents as well. Thus, the other rodents too stay away from the applications. The unpleasant experience is imprinted within the animal’s memory and passed on to its progeny.

Our products provide a safe and environmentally friendly solution to avoid rodent infestation. The product is compliant with RoHS, RoHS2, and REACH and is FIFRA exempted.

Rodrepel™ suits the entire requirement for homeowners in the best possible way as it is non-toxic, non-hazardous and environmentally friendly!

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