Rats under the roofs!

The noise these rodents make when they are residing in the roofs is irritating. Though at a high height, these rats manage to reach there easily.

Yeah, those are the roof rats who cause a nuisance under the roofs.
Roof rats are blackish or brownish medium-sized, slender rats. They have large ears, a tail that is longer than their body and a pointed nose. They can grow to be 16 inches in length including their tail.

Roof rats climb trees or other high grounds during the day. Roof rats live in close proximity to humans. They prefer warmer, more humid climates. Most of the time Roof Rats are found around granaries that dot most farms.  The residential and the industrial sites also make a perfect place for the rats. All kinds of the natural habitats that are rich in the vegetation are excellent habitats for the roof rats. Rice fields also make a great habitat. They are found hiding in the rice, sugarcane and citrus growths. Poultry farms are also an encouraging habitat for them. They tend to feed themselves generously to the contents of most food stores. They then make their way back into the houses using their access points. Most often it is the rooftops that most roof rats prefer to set up home.  They do make most rooftops leaky and dysfunctional.  High and away from water and moisture, the rooftops present a good dwelling spot for most rodents. They usually make their nests in attics, rafters, and crossbeams in buildings, under or along pipes, beams or wires, up and down the studs, or along the horizontal ceiling joists, sheds, garages, in wood heaps and in thick grass.  They can enter homes through ventilation, holes, cracks in walls and other openings as small as half an inch. This is the smallest size through which a roof rat can enter through. You should not underestimate how flexible they are. Though they have a very poor vision and are color blind, they have extremely strong senses of hearing, smell, touch, and taste.

They often leave a dark-colored layer of grease and dirt to mark their travel ways. The roof rat is nocturnal; you only see them in the daylight if their populations are very high.

A healthy Roof Rat is capable of devouring many times its weight by way of grains and the sheer number that most colonies consist of makes them real pests. Capable of making boroughs in most places, the creatures would make holes practically anywhere.  They tend to wander here and there, troubling everyone. This does present a nuisance as well as a waste of good work material that gets reduced to rubble.

Roof rats may cause damage by gnawing through walls, wiring, pipes and other important parts of your structure. They will eat your stored food and contaminate it with their feces. Roof rats can be carriers of diseases. They can transmit these diseases through physical contact, bites, by contamination or by fleas that are feeding on the rodent.

The nuisance caused by roof rats is illustrated well in the news articles below:

Roof rats are invading California farms and destroying fruit, nuts and irrigation lines

By Robert Rodriguez   March 12, 2018

Roof rats, a common problem for city dwellers, are migrating to California farms and nibbling on everything from avocados to irrigation tubing.

University of California scientists say last year’s wet weather created a perfect environment for the quick-breeding rats to flourish.

Ample rain helped produce an abundance of weeds and weed seeds, a good source of food for rats. And it didn’t take long for the rats to discover an even bigger bounty in the Valley’s orchards and fields.

“Rodents are everywhere and they are opportunists,” said Rachel Long, a University of California, cooperative extension adviser. “They move in from their surrounding urban habitats to take advantage of any food source they can find. And once that food source disappears they search for food elsewhere.”

Woman says roof rats infestation forced her to move out of a senior living center

By Nick Ciletti   Jul 10, 2017

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – Rats crawling inside her walls, feces all over the place, and a stench so bad, it was making her sick.

A Scottsdale grandmother tells us – it’s a living nightmare. And her own, private hell has only gotten worse — all because of roof rats.

76-year-old Kathy Marcil and her family are blaming management at the Pueblo Norte Senior Living Facility in Scottsdale. But it’s not because of what they did – it’s because of what this family says they didn’t do.

“I had to move out in one day,” Kathy explains.

The traditionally used methods for pest control involve the use of mechanical traps which fail to work on a mechanical error. Fumigation of pesticides is done to keep rodents away from the applications. Glue boards are used which are dangerous when children and pets are around. Rodent baits are one of the most dangerous methods used to kill the rodents.

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