Rodent Infestation leading to shut down of Restaurants!!!

Why do we visit RESTAURANTS?

Restaurants are visited for trying out a different variety of food and having a bit of relaxation time.

The quality of the food offered is all that matters when one visit a restaurant, isn’t it?

Restaurants are rated on the scale of quality as well as hygienic of food-maintained. The best the service provided by the restaurants the best it is rated. The primary factors of the differentiation of restaurants are the food offered, the cuisine or the style of the offering. Beyond this, they may differentiate themselves on factors like speed, formality, location, cost, service or novelty themes.

A restaurant is inspected by FDA twice in a year and examined on the basis of hygiene, safety, and cleanliness. The inspection often takes an hour to complete. Inspectors look for anything that could present a health concern to the public. If any of the violations are noted then the restaurants are banned until the violation reason is completely eradicated.

Following is the evidence of some of the restaurants being closed.

Gulshan Indian restaurant shut because of rodent infestation

23 September, 2017, Dave Parkinson, Tivy side Advertiser.

AN Indian restaurant in Cardigan has been closed following a rodent infestation.

The Gulshan Restaurant, Chancery Lane, was issued with a hygiene emergency prohibition order on Monday by Aberystwyth magistrates after an application by Ceredigion County Council environmental health department.

The restaurant will remain closed until health officials are satisfied the problem has been sorted out.

The prohibition order, posted in the window of the restaurant, states there is an ‘inherent risk to food safety’.

Restaurant Report Card: Roaches, slime, rodents found in local eateries

By Bill Spencer – Investigative Reporter, September 21, 2017 and Click 2 Houstan news

HOUSTON – Rodents — they’re not the kind of guests you ever want to see at a restaurant, not only for what they are but for what they leave behind.

We’re talking about rodent droppings.

And rodent droppings are what Houston health inspectors found at Cici’s Pizza at 11803 Wilcrest Drive.

Inspectors discovered rodent waste on the floor behind the ice machine and behind a storage rack.

And speaking of roaches, inspectors found them at Bullrito’s near the University of Houston, on Calhoun.

The eatery was written up after inspectors found live and dead roaches in the kitchen.

Dirty Dining restaurant with 110 violations in 2016 ordered shut again

By Jeff Weinsier – Investigative Reporter, September 18, 2017, Local 10 abc news

MIAMI – In 2016 it was called China Buffet and earned the title of “RESTAURANT WITH THE MOST VIOLATIONS” at 110!

An Inspector was recently at Royal Buffet based on a complaint and found 47 violations.A live rodent was found under a sushi table and rodent droppings were found throughout the restaurant.

All of a sudden a shut-down notice hampers your restaurant’s growth and also the reputation within a county gets lowered. This is all because of the tiny pests called as RODENTS.Rodents such as mice and rats are of more concern because they are the main culprits of shutting down the restaurants. Rats and mice are attracted to the restaurants due to the availability of the food and warm habitat.

There are many access areas through which this pest enters the restaurants like sewage lines, air ducts, basin outlets, etc. Such areas cannot be totally kept apart from the surroundings and hence the infestation cannot be removed very easily.

You can easily find out the infestation in your restaurant by the signs of rodent infestations as rodent droppings all over the area, polymer-based application bitten up, peculiar smell of rodent urine, etc. The rid of rodent infestation is important as the rodents are the carriers of many diseases and they can be easily transferred to people via food they eat in your restaurants.

For maintaining the hygiene and safety at your restaurant against the pesky restaurants we can help you by providing you with an eco-friendly solution which is RodrepelTM.

RodrepelTM is manufactured by C Tech Corporation using green technology. The restaurants can be well protected by using our product RodrepelTM.

As stated earlier the product is based on green technology product which does not kill the rodent but only repels thus maintaining the ecological balance of the earth.

Our product is available in three forms viz. Masterbatch, Liquid Concentrate, and lacquer.

RodrepelTM masterbatch can be incorporated in the polymer-based applications while processing them. The polymer applications like wires, cables, pipes, polymer made kitchen equipment, etc. can be manufactured by using our masterbatch.

RodrepelTM Liquid concentrate can be mixed in paints in proper proportion and cover the entire area of infestation by paints. It can be applied to the interior and exterior of the restaurants, kitchen and pantry area, food storage area, lavatory etc. to keep these areas safe from pest entry.

RodrepelTM Lacquer form can be directly used as a top coating over the application. It can be applied directly on the wooden chairs and table, kitchen trolley, metal decoratives, etc. from the restaurants. The lacquer is compatible with most of the surfaces like wood, metal, ceramic, concrete, polymer etc.

Our product solutions do not interfere with the properties of the application and in plus point provides a complete protection against the harmful pest like rats and mice.

The product triggers a fear response in rodents thus protecting the application. It causes severe temporary distress to the mucous membrane of the rodents due to which the pest stays away from the application. The product triggers an unpleasant reaction in case if the pest tries to gnaw away the application. After encountering the above-mentioned emotions, the animal instinctively perceives it with something it should stay away from and stores this information for future reference. The fact that certain rodents are repelled is mimicked by other rodents as well. Thus, the other rodents too stay away from the applications. The unpleasant experience is imprinted within the animal’s memory and passed on to its progeny.

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