Squirrels responsible for power outage!

Squirrels the medium-sized rodents are the most famous among the family for a power outage. Squirrels typically having slender bodies with bushy tails and large eyes are attractive but are the main culprits of many problems in power sector.

Squirrels live in almost every habitat from tropical rainforest to semiarid desert, avoiding only the high Polar Regions and the driest of deserts. As their large eyes indicate, in general squirrels have an excellent sense of vision, which is especially important. They also have very versatile and sturdy claws for grasping and climbing. Many also have a good sense of touch, with vibrissae on their heads and limbs.

The cables made from polymers are available in surrounding very easily. Cables have the attractive properties like peculiar sweet odor, glossy color, and smooth texture. Hence squirrels are attracted to cables using their strong sense power. Squirrels feed on cables in order to sharpen their incisors growing continuously throughout life.

Squirrels chewing on cables lead physical and monetary loss every year. Let’s have a look at some of the power outages occurred due to them.

Casper Squirrel Causes Brief Downtown Power Outage

By KCWY, Aug 16, 2017

This afternoon stoplights in downtown Casper were out. Other locations downtown were without power as well.

City of Casper officials reported at about 2:00 pm City Hall lost power, but with backup generators, power was restored.

We spoke with Rocky Mountain Power who reported an outage, affecting 323 customers around downtown Casper at approximately 1:55 pm.

Power was restored at 2:01 pm and the cause of the outage, a squirrel.

Squirrel to blame for power outage in Midland Park, utility says

Jessica Presinzano, Aug 14, 2017, ET 

A squirrel made contact with an energized power line Sunday morning, causing an outage for 850 Midland Park residents while lines were repaired, Public Service Enterprise Group said.

The affected area included the Kent shire apartments, a community for people 55 and older, which contains 148 one- and two-bedroom units.

Midland Park police also responded to the outage area around 9 a.m. to assist residents of the Kent shire, on Paterson Avenue, and remove at least one person trapped in an elevator at the residence.

EMS workers were on standby due to concerns about residents in need of oxygen.



Squirrel knocks out power in Princeton

Kim Shute, Aug 14, 2017

Princeton experienced a city-wide power outage Monday just after 10:30 a.m. when a squirrel found its way into the bus work at one of the sub stations.

Having a look at the evidence we understand that there is a huge loss in the power due to squirrels. Hence a solution is required to stop squirrels feeding on cables. There are some traditional methods used to stop them. The metal clad and armored cables are used wherever is possible. The cables are also protected by using glass roving and polyamide sheathing which lowers the flexibility of cables. The sheathing is composed of chemicals which are proven to be harmful to human health. The pesticides and insecticides are not designed for the polymeric applications like cables.

So is there any eco-friendly alternative method against all the harmful methods? Yes, there is a solution which is provided by C Tech Corporation.

RodrepelTM is an extremely low at toxicity, non-carcinogenic and non-mutagenic compound, non-hazardous, nondangerous and environmentally safe rodent repellent.

Our product is available in the form of a masterbatch, which can be directly incorporated into the cables while manufacturing them. Also, it is available in form of top coatings namely lacquer that can be directly applied as a top coat on the surface of cables and liquid solution which can be used in paints. RodrepelTM does not kill but only keeps the rodents away by making use of the sensory mechanisms.

The product triggers a fear response in rodents thus protecting the application. It causes severe temporary distress to the mucous membrane of the rodents due to which the pest stays away from the application. The product triggers an unpleasant reaction in case if the pest tries to gnaw away the application. After encountering the above-mentioned emotions, the animal instinctively perceives it with something it should stay away from and stores this information for future reference. The fact that certain rodents are repelled is mimicked by other rodents as well. Thus, the other rodents too stay away from the applications. The unpleasant experience is imprinted within the animal’s memory and passed on to its progeny.

Thus, RodrepelTM actually helps in modifying rodent behavior. Hence the cables can be effectively protected from biting of squirrels leading to stop the outages.

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