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Laboratory tests conducted with cables containing RODREPEL™ have demonstrated that cables bitten by rats produce a very foul reaction in the animal, without harming it in any way. In almost all cases, the animal did not bite into the cable again. These tests were carried across a period of time. The graph in the figure below indicates that the number of rodent bites go on decreasing as days pass with RODREPEL™ extruded cables while an exact opposite trend is observed in cables without RODREPEL™. Moreover RODREPEL™ has proved to be effective against a wide variety of animals ranging from woodpeckers to grizzly bears.
Fig.: The trend of RODREPEL™ treated cables Vs conventional cables with no RODREPEL™
RODREPEL™ is available in form of concentrate based on LDPE as well as EVA polymeric granules. Recommended addition level of these concentratees is 1%-5%. It is effective over a very long span of time. (15-40 years)