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Since RodrepelTM is designed to keeping the animal away effectively and not kill the rodents or any other animal; it doesn’t harm any target or non target species in any way. We are committed to our environment & we believe that no harm must be caused to animals or to the environment. Cables & pipes often pass through large expanses of untouched forests & outdoors, several native & protected species often come into contact with these cables. Thus RodrepelTM is designed to be a completely harmless product.


It is non toxic to humans as well. Therefore any sort of accidental ingestion wouldn’t prove to be fatal or have any detrimental side effects but merely unpleasant on account of the bitter taste of the product.


RodrepelTM is completely inert within the polymer matrix apart from executing its primary function of keeping the animal away. Thus it doesn’t leach out to pollute and as a result wouldn’t contaminate the groundwater, surface water reserves and soil. Moreover it has a low vapor pressure which means that it doesn’t volatilize easily thus not resulting in vapors mixing with the atmosphere. Also it is thermally stable at temperatures as high as 1400°C.